KFC’s latest weird tech suggests an order based on your face

KFC is no stranger to getting funky in order to sell its chicken but this one is really out there. The company’s Chinese division is partnering with Baidu to create a smart restaurant which will recommend meals based on the customer’s looks.

Specifically, the restaurant’s ordering kiosks, which are powered by Baidu’s computer vision systems, will look at the customer’s age, gender and facial expressions to make educated guesses as to what they might be in the mood for. A guy in his 20s, for example, is far more likely to order a big meal with a large soda for lunch than, say, a 75 year-old granny who walks in at 8am.

These are just suggestions of course, it’s not like you have to eat what it recommends (yet) but if you’re a regular, the kiosks will remember your previous order and recommend that as well. Don’t get weird about that last bit, it’s no different than the bartender at your local pub remembering your drink order from last time.

For now, the facial recognition kiosks are confined to the single smart restaurant, located in Beijing, but if it’s a hit with the public, the technology will hopefully spread.

Via: Engadget


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