iOS App Uses AI to Find, Protect Your Nudes

Artificial Intelligence is powering many of our favorite online tools, including the security solutions we surround ourselves with. Mixing up AI and privacy may be just the right thing to do in a world where our governments seem to be want to monitor everything we do online.

This time around, there’s an app that helps you hide those racy photos you have on your phone. Why would someone need this? Well, aside from the many Celebgate scandals where female celebrities were targeted by hackers who stole their private pictures and dumped them online? It’s because most of us prefer to have our naked bodies shared only with people of our choosing, even when it comes to photographs.

Back when the NSA scandal was at its peak and Snowden’s documents were making the rounds, exposing the agency’s mass-surveillance practices, it was clear people didn’t really mind the fact that the government knew what sites they were visiting, who they were talking to and where they were spending their weekend evenings, but they did mind the fact that they could see their nudes. That was the line that people drew in the sand – their nudes.

This new app that was just launched for iOS is called Nude: The Sexiest App Ever. The tool uses AI to scan your camera roll for nudes and puts them in a private vault, deleting them from your local gallery and erasing them from the iCloud. All processes are done locally, so no data goes out to the cloud, for instance. Given that the Celebgate scandal started with hackers getting access to actresses’ iCloud accounts, this type of tool would have solved the problem.

Your photos are secured either by PIN or Touch ID, and there’s also an option to take the nudes with the integrated camera so the pics go directly to the vault. It seems that you can also store other types of pictures in the vault, like license, or ID photos, credit cards or other data like this.

This seems like a cool idea where AI is mixed with an app that serves to protect your privacy, especially if what you value most are your naked pictures.

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