Norwegian authorities change their safe Windows phones for Android

When it comes to equip official authorities with the right tools, the reliability of a smartphone brand or an operating system, depends on many factors, not every one of them are obvious at first sight. The, Windows Mobile offers a consistent user experience across devices, and its also relatively safe. It is said to have Fort Knox-like security, and good  productivity features. No wonder, that more than 100 Norwegian local authorities use it. But that’s the past, since they are changing the  phones to Android, reports The transfer has a really peculiar reason: noone is manufacturing affordable, yet high-quality, Windows Mobile phones anymore.

In 2016 Microsoft killed its handset division, leaving many questions open. As a result, that third party manufacturers got rather careful dealing with the company. Back in Norway the country’s public services, are tied to the vanishing operating system. As older devices wear out, it become difficult to replace them.

Snorre Johansen, sales manager of electronic medical records provider Tieto says: “It’s getting harder to get a hold of Windows Phones. Microsoft has sold mobile their division, and there is little availability of handsets in the market. Microsoft is desperately trying to reassure its customers that there are new phones in the pipeline. We have an ongoing dialogue with Microsoft. They are trying to reassure the market that 3-4 producers have plans to create Windows-based smartphones.”

Microsoft’s poor performance journey in the mobile market is paved with a series of missteps and errors. The company is promising a great revival for 2017 though, few are convinced. As a consequence, you can expect more government and corporate users of Windows Mobile to drift away in the coming months.

VIA: TheNextWeb

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