10 VPN apps to avoid on Android

If you really want to keep your anonymity online, you will need a VPN.  They provide the possibility to browse the Web anonymously and access the region-locked web, not too hard to use on Android devices as well as on desktops. Recently the researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, UC Berkeley, UNSW Sydney, and Malaysia’s UCSI found that, on Google Play the available VPN apps (they checked 283 apps), contained lots of insecure ones, which leaked user data, injected ads and contained malware.

2017-01-31- 19-45-41.jpg

The list includes top-rated apps, as the researchers told: “While 37 percent of the analyzed VPN apps have more than 500K installs and 25 percent of them receive at least a 4-star rating, over 38 percent of them contain some malware presence according to VirusTotal.”


18% of the tested VPN apps didn’t even encrypted users’ Web traffic at all. 16% of the routed traffic went through other users’ devices, which means one could be participating in the transmission of illegal content. The 10 worst offender, are identified by tracing the presence of trackers and malware activity using the online antivirus aggregator VirusTotal in the group’s paper (PDF).

VIA: TheNextWeb

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