Say goodbye to breathalyzers!

We all know those situations when you had enough for that night, but your friend say “one more round” and you can’t really decide. Well, another problem solved by BACtrack Skyn. This wearable can tell how drunk you are in any given situations.

If Skyn is on your skin, the system passively track your alcohol consumption and gives you an accurate estimate of your blood alcohol content (BAC). It works by measuring the small amounts  of alcohol, or ethanol molecules, secreted through the skin. Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) is the name of this process. It works better than breathalyzer tests, because TAC measurements is continuous so you can check it any time without blow into a device.TAC is basically algorithmically converted to a BAC estimate and gives you the information about how much you’ve had drink.

President and CEO of BACtrack, Keith Nothacker said:

“We’re excited to introduce a breakthrough innovation in alcohol monitoring, making it simple for people to track their alcohol level — passively, accurately and near real-time. We’re thrilled to finally share these devices, which have been in development for more than two years”

The device comes in 2017. There is no pricing information.

For now, don’t drink too much, because the breathalyzer device is full of bacteria and you never know whose lips touched it. Oh, and you can even connect it with your Apple Watch so you’ll be fancy and smart at the same time. Can you imagine better than that?

VIA: TheNextWeb

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