Mind reading and telepathy from Facebook

Imagine yourself after grocery shopping. You hands are full of bags, you are try so hard to find you car keys and your phone beeps. Someone wrote you on Messenger. You NEED to write back, but your hands are full. Mr Zuckerberg knows the solution. Communicate only with your thoughts on Messenger. What could be as simple as that?

No, it’s not a joke. Facebook may be working on something which will allow people to communicate with each other using thought alone. This project is by Facebook’s Building 8 team, which is basically like Google’s X division and Amazon’s Lab126. They are Facebook’s unit to create and develop new innovations.

A job listing posted to the unit’s Facebook page reveals the company is looking for an engineer capable of developing data processing systems. There is another position seeks a “Brain-Computer Interface Engineer” with a PhD in neuroscience, computer science or electrical engineering, and the company is also looking for a haptics specialist capable of creating “realistic and immersive” experiences involving touch interactions.The Building 8 job listings, spotted by Business Insider. The positions listed are advertised as two-year roles, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll see a finished product in two years time.

Zuckerberg said in last June:

“You’re going to be able to capture a thought… in its ideal and perfect form in your head and share that with the world”

At the time, Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook was not working on that technology. But now the job listings and that Facebook noted that they are trying to find “slightly impatient” workers are show us that in a few years we’ll live in a crazy science-fiction story.

VIA: IBTimes

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